July 24, 2014


My library system has a new service. I'm so excited about this.

The service is called Mobius. It's like Interlibrary Loan, except kind of not. Interlibrary loan costs $1 for postage, but the library basically borrows items from libraries all over the globe to let patrons check out. That in itself is super cool, but Mobius is really getting me excited.

Firstly, Mobius is a group of libraries in neighboring states. If your library system is part of the group, you have access to items in the catalogs of the other libraries. Say what?! Yes.

Delivery takes 1-2 weeks as opposed to the 4-6 weeks for Interlibrary Loans. Also, it's free. What?! Yes. Free. I've ordered five books that my library doesn't have and that have been clogging up my to-be-read list forever.

The first book got here in 7 days. I'm so excited about this. I can't wait to whittle down my list. For Free!!! Try not to be jealous.