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I am a book lover, dance teacher, and mom. I work for a large library system where I get to play with lots of books! My shelf of To-Read books is out of control. Help me make it grow!

Oklahoma, USA
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May 24, 2024

Friday Reads 5/24/2024

When you read this, I will most likely be posted up on my sister's couch reading all the books. That's the plan anyway. Hopefully none of this information will

May 23, 2024

May 2024 Library Update

It is time once again to see what the heck is happening on my library account. CHECKED OUT Simon Sort Of Says by Erin Bow - This is a Sequoyah Masterlist book I

May 17, 2024

Friday Reads

Hello Friday! I'm happy to see this Friday since I am off work. I took the day off because I had dental work done this morning. It was done by 11:

May 15, 2024

May 2024 Goodreads Update pt. 1

I haven't gone super crazy adding books to my list, but I did add more than I remembered adding. Let's take a look. The Twilight Garden by Sara Nisha

May 9, 2024

Friday Reads 5/9/2024

Friday Reads 5/9/2024

It's Friday. Once again. This week has been chaos. I've been busier than a moth in a mitten. I was looking at my calendar trying to see when I

May 7, 2024

May Flowers

May Flowers

Last month we did an April Showers post, so of course, we need a May Flowers post this month. The flowers are indeed blooming here, in between getting blown away in the storms.

May 4, 2024

Friday Reads 5/3/2024

Friday Reads 5/3/2024

I'm sorry this post is a little late in the day. I had an unexpected change in plans for my week and instead of having dental work done, I spent the

May 2, 2024

April '24 Wrap Up Pt. 2

After my last wrap up, I finished exactly 1 book. Everyone On This Train Is a Suspect by Benjamin Stevenson - You may remember that I started this one in March on audiobook

May 1, 2024

May 2024 TBR

May 2024 TBR

I'm a little late with this TBR, but my schedule has been mass chaos recently, as is usual for this time of year. Still, it's only the first, so

Apr 26, 2024

Friday Reads 4/26/2024

Friday Reads 4/26/2024

I am right her in the middle of a long streak of busy days. I will pretty much be going all day every day until May 5. So there hasn't been

Apr 25, 2024

April '24 Goodreads Pt. 2

Since my last update I have added 10 books to my to-read list on Goodreads. This brings my total to 1051 books. I am fully aware that I will not read all these

Apr 24, 2024

April '24 Library Update

My library account is a whole lot less chaotic than it was not too long ago. CHECKED OUT Where Sleeping Girls Lie by Faridah Abike-Iyimide - I loved this author's debut