August 13, 2014

Less Excite

So, remember how excited I was about The Glass Sentence? Well, I've managed to slog through 100 pages so far, and I feel like nothing much has happened. There is A LOT of set up for stuff to happen eventually maybe, but so far, the government has voted to close the borders so no one gets in and they're going to kick out all the immigrants. Probably they're going to close them to all citizens who want to leave, also, so the main character and her uncle are preparing to leave to go find her missing parents. And she has learned to read super special maps. That's it. That's what has happened. I'm trying to decide if I should give it anymore effort. It's definitely a YA novel. Actually, my library has it shelved in the Tween section. So, yeah. Keep going, or move on with my ridiculous TBR list?