January 3, 2015

2014 Year In Review

So, here are some stats from 2014, in case you're into that kind of thing.

I wish I knew how to include graphs and fun things, but maybe I'll figure that out for next year.

I divided my books into Fiction, Non-fiction, and Graphic Novels.

Fiction - 55%
Non-fiction - 32%
Graphic Novels - 13%

I don't really feel one way or another about this. I didn't really have any goals about reading more or less non-fiction, so I feel like it's pretty good.

Then, I divided all the authors up by race.

White - 92%
Black - 2%
Asian - 3%
Hispanic - 1%
Native American - 1%

I really need to pay more attention to this one. Yikes.

Then, I divided them up by gender.

Women - 61%
Men - 39%

Since I try to #readwomen I'm okay with these slightly skewed numbers.

Now, it's by format.

Print - 88%
Audio - 11%
eBook - 1%

I have a ton of eBooks, I need to get some of those read. But hey! I almost read one audiobook a month. That's pretty good. That's 11 books more for my numbers.

Now, here is the break-down for the books that were in genres. Not every book went into this category, so it won't add up to 100%.

Mystery - 10%
Young Adult - 23%
Science Fiction - 1%
Fantasy - 3%
Short Stories - 1%
Middle Grade - 1%
Childrens - 4%

And a few more fun stats I decided to tally up.

Books about Books and Reading - 15%

Rereads - 4%

Jane Austen-related Books - 6%

I really thought I read more books related to Jane Austen than that, but I'm beginning to run out of options.

And now, my Goodreads rating breakdown:

5 Stars - 8%

4 Stars - 38%

3 Stars - 47%

2 Stars - 4%

1 Stars - 3%

This tells me I need to read more books that are better than meh. 3 stars is sort of "it was good enough". I should aim for more 5 Star books and stop wasting time on okay books. I want more from my reading.