January 23, 2015

Friday Reads 1/23/15

There is only one week of January left! How did this happen? Normally, January is my favorite month, but this month has been pretty crummy, so I'm holding out hope for February this year. So let's talk about what I'm reading.


I'm making slow progress in this. It's a pretty big book, but to be honest, I mostly read it at night and so I read about 10 pages and pass out. My rule is, when I catch myself asleep 3 times, it's time to stop and go to sleep. I've been at a slow spot for the last few nights, but I got to a new section last night. Maybe it'll pick up.

Harry Potter 5

Still listening to this in the car. I am on disc 16 of 23. It's getting there.

End of Your Life

I started this because it's been on my TBR longer than anything else. It's really sad and kind of difficult because you know one of the main characters isn't going to make it. The title kind of gives it away. So far, it's been a lot about her illness and her family's response to it, and less about the books she read with her son.

Alias Grace

I might start this one this weekend. It's based on a true story about a woman who was convicted of murdering her boss and his mistress. Another hard one. It's for the library book club and that meeting is about 10 days away. Better get on it!

What are you reading?