February 7, 2015

Friday Reads 2/6/15

Man! What a week! I haven't even picked up a book in days! So today's Friday Reads will be quite similar to last week's. But here we go...

Actually, you know what? No. None of the books I'm reading right now are meeting my immediate needs. All those books are going to get the back burner this weekend while I find something that does fulfill my requirements.

Firstly, I need something that is not depressing. Two of my current books are about people who are dying. One is about a vampire, so, you know, death. Nope. Nope. Nope. I need a no-emotion book. So, I'm gonna go with:

Jane Austen Cover to Cover

Along the same vein, I'm clearly leaning toward non-fiction. It requires so much less involvement. So, I'm eyeing this one:

My Salinger Year

It jumped off a library cart at me yesterday, so I brought it home. Maybe I'll open it.

Here's one I am already reading and enjoying and I can probably finish it up. It's mostly pictures.

I'm a good dog

How can you go wrong with pictures of doggies and positive stories about them. Dogs make me happy.

I'm not really going to commit to this list. If something better falls into my lap, well, I'll read that. No pressure. That's my motto this weekend.