February 28, 2015

Holland Hall Book Fair Book Haul


My daughter and I braved the wintry conditions to get to the once-a-year book fair at Holland Hall School. I haven't been able to go to this thing for years, so I was really excited that she wanted to go with me.

Here's what we got:

Hers first.

Vladimir Tod 3

Vladimir Tod 4

The 3rd and 4th books in the Vladimir Tod series. This is a story about a high school boy who is half vampire and is hunted by bad vampires. It's cute.

The Cat Who Sang Birds

I told her this is about a Siamese cat who solves mysteries. She wanted mysteries.

Cat series book

It looks like a cat fantasy book. Right up the kid's alley. Also, it's by Diana Wynne Jones who wrote Howl's Moving Castle which she likes.

Dead End

Her brother really liked this one, so she decided to try it.

Now for mine:

Night Watch

I've never read anything by Sarah Waters, so I thought I'd give it a go.

To Fetch a Thief

Another Chet and Bernie! Love that dog.

The Fortune Hunter

So, okay. This book came out about 6 months ago. It's still in hardcover for $27 at the store. So when I saw it at the book fair for $3, I snapped it up. Historical fiction about the Hapburgs. Woot!

So that's our book haul. Can't wait for next year!