August 4, 2015

Top Ten Tuesday 8/4/15

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is favorite fairy tale retellings. I have to do a little research to even remember if I've read any fairy tale retellings. Let's see if I can find ten.

In no particular order:

Cinder by Marissa Meyer - This is a retelling of Cinderella, but set in space.

The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan - This might be a stretch because it's a Greek myth, but I'm struggling here.

The Once and Future King by T.H. White - Another stretch, but it's another myth. Fairy tale. Myth. Whatever, right?

The Crystal Cave by Mary Stewart - Because if we're doing Arthurian myths...

Taliesin by Stephen R. Lawhead - I seem to have a penchant for Arthurian legend retellings.

The Princess Bride by William Goldman - It's not strictly a retelling, so much as a parody of fairy tales in general. But I'm going with it.

Wicked by Gregory Maguire - Well, whatever. It's a retelling.

The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller - One more time for the mythology retelling. It counts, right? It does now.

Fables by Bill Willingham - This is a graphic novel series that takes traditional fairy tale characters and places them in current day New York City.

Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien - Because it's on the lists of fairy tale retellings, even though I don't think it really is. And because I ran out of things to put on the list.

Got any I missed?