August 5, 2015

Top Five Wednesday 8/5/15

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is Most Read Authors. This is easy since Goodreads keeps track of that for me (kind of). They include books you've marked as to-read as well as read, but it's fairly accurate.

Janet Evanovich

  1. Janet Evanovich - GR says 25 books. That's gotta be pretty close.

Donna Leon

  1. Donna Leon - 15 - Well maybe. I haven't read the series in order, so I don't even know, but that could be accurate.

Stephanie Barron

  1. Stephanie Barron - 12 - She wrote the Jane Austen Mysteries which I love. There are a bunch of those.

Jane Austen

  1. Jane Austen - 12 - At first blush this seems very wrong because she only wrote 6 books. But GR is counting the juvenilia and Sanditon and the graphic novels of her books.

Anne Rice

  1. Anne Rice - 11 - I love the vampire books. Not so much the witches, but I have read one of those. As well as one of the werewolf books.

Who are your most read authors?