August 30, 2015

September TBR

I haven't done my August Wrap-up yet, but I'm quite sure it was a massive fail. With that in mind, here is my September TBR. My reading slump is still in full force, so I intend to be a bit circumspect with my list here.

Here we go:


Katrina: After the Flood by Gary Rivlin - I AM going to finish this book.


Redshirts by John Scalzi - This is the book club book for September. Luckily it's supposed to be very funny, so I think it will be an easy read. It's a pastiche about the thing in Star Trek where the guy in the red shirt on the away team always dies.

Privileged Information

Privileged Information by Stephen White - Because I told my coworker I would read it, and I had to get it from Missouri, so I'm going to read it. It's probably a pretty quick read, being a mystery.


Vice: One Cop's Story of Patrolling America's Most Dangerous City by John R. Baker - Because the new Straight Out of Compton movie comes out soon and I want to read this for background information.

Locke Lamora

The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch - I'm listening to this on audiobook. So far it's humorous, and I like the narrator. I'll probably get this finished in September because I have more time in the car now that I'm driving the kids to school.