September 10, 2015

Top Five Wednesday 9/9/15

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is Top Five Favorite Things About Blogging.

  1. I love talking about books. Unfortunately, many people don't love hearing about books. Blogging gives me a way to talk to my heart's content and people only have to listen if they want to.

  2. Blogging keeps my writing skills sharp. Or maybe just my typing skills. But at least I have to try to put together a coherent sentence once in a while.

  3. Blogging about books has changed the way I read a little bit. I pay a little more attention while I read and think about how I would blog what I think about the book.

  4. It's a break. I can stop thinking about my life and the world for a minute and think about books. And it's less time consuming than actually reading.

  5. I like reading comments. I don't have many, but I like them, anyway.

That's my five. Later.