November 6, 2015

Friday Reads 11/6/15

It's Friday! It's my birthday! Woo hoo!!

So what will I be reading this weekend? Let's look, shall we?

Secondhand Souls

Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore - This is perfect light reading for a birthday weekend. It's super funny and a quick read.


Browsings by Michael Dirda - Another perfect birthday choice: a book about books! I'm really excited about this one. I haven't found a new book about books in about 6 months.

Facing the Wave

Facing the Wave by Gretel Erlich - I just downloaded this to my phone for listening in the car and exercising and whatnot. It meets the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge of a book that takes place in Asia. It's about an area of Japan that was destroyed by the tsunami. I appear to have a fascination with oceanic tragic events.

What's on your reading list?