January 5, 2016

Bookish Resolutions 2016

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Bookish Resolutions for 2016. I've been thinking about this for awhile. I don't know if I have 10, but I will share with you my book goals for this year.

  1. Complete my Goodreads goal - I set my Goodreads challenge number at 50. I fully expect to blow that out of the water, but I have some other goals this year which may make it harder to reach a higher goal. This is not a terribly important goal for me, so easy is good.

  2. Complete the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge - I did this last year and enjoyed it a lot. A bunch of people at my library are doing this also, so I will have even more support this year.

  3. Read the hard books - Last year was so difficult that I found myself avoiding books with any kind of emotional investment required. This year I feel like I'm ready to tackle more books that are harder to read. The return is so much greater.

  4. Read my own damn books - I have hundreds of unread books on my shelf. I tend to not read those in favor of whichever book just came in from the library. This year I am going to try to read at least one book a month from my own shelves.

  5. Keep track of books I don't finish - I have a page in my planner specifically for books I Did Not Finish - It's called DNF Books.

  6. Read five books over 500 pages - This is similar to that one year when I read one huge book per month. Only one a month isn't going to happen. So I've set it to 5 books. This is one reason I set my book challenge goal so low.

  7. Write more reviews - I say I write a book blog, but I haven't written a review of a book here in months. Not much like a book blog, really. So I want to get in the habit of sitting down and getting my thoughts down about the books I've read.

  8. Pop Sugar Reading Challenge - I had so much fun with the Book Riot challenge, that I have picked up the Pop Sugar challenge as well. It's not as challenging as the Book Riot one, and it only has half as many goals. In fact, I've already finished one of them!

  9. Read specific books on my shelf - There are ten books on my TBR that I have decided to focus on getting read this year.
    The Bronte Cabinet,
    The Distant Hours,
    Night Film,
    Crazy Rich Asians,
    The Accursed,
    Men We Reaped,
    All the Light We Cannot See,
    The Enchanted

So, there might be more I am forgetting. That's a thing that happens. But 9 is a good number.

Do you have any bookish resolutions?