January 6, 2016

2015 Wrap Up

Woo Hoo! 2015 is officially over! I've been posting some best of 2015 posts recently, but here is a lovely little analytical post looking at some statistics.

Total books read in 2015: 90. 90! I know! Can you believe it? Considering that in the month of September I read a grand total of 2 books, I find this number to be amazing.

Pages read: 25,684. Not my biggest reading number, but still higher than most of my coworkers. And that's what really matters, right?

Fiction: 37
Non-Fiction: 34
Graphic Novels: 10
YA: 8
Childrens: 1

I'm kind of impressed that my fiction and non-fiction numbers are so close to each other. That's pretty cool. I thought it would be weighted more toward the fiction side.

Authored by women: 54
Authored by men: 35

But Adrienne, that's only 89 books! I know. One of the books was a compilation of various authors' works, so I didn't count that one at all.

5 Star Books: 21
4 Star Books: 30
3 Star Books: 35
2 Star Books: 2
1 Star Books: 0

Why no 1 Star books? I don't finish books I really don't like. The 2 Star books are both book club books that I had to finish, but I really don't like them.

Literary Fiction: 17
Mysteries: 4
Sci-Fi: 3
Short Stories: 1
Classics: 2
Fantasy: 2
Historical: 5
Horror: 3

I'm kind of surprised by the number of horror books I read. I thought I didn't read horror books. Who knew!

So okay. That's my wrap up of 2015. Hope you enjoyed looking at my stats as much as I enjoyed preparing them!