January 8, 2016

Friday Reads 1/8/16

I'm still having trouble remembering to write 2016 on stuff. It's early yet.

Here's what I will be reading:

Challenger Deep

Challenger Deep by Neal Schusterman - This is the book club pick for next Friday. Better get it done.

Deep South

Deep South by Paul Theroux - I got this back from the library and I am enjoying it again. It's huge, and it's kind of slow reading (it's about the South, after all, so you have to read it in a drawl (well, you don't have to, but I find myself doing it anyway)).

H is for Hawk

H is For Hawk by Helen MacDonald - I am listening to this in the car. It is read by the author and her voice is like velvet. It's so interesting. It's about how she heals after the death of her father by raising a goshawk. So that part in chapter 2 where her dad dies was a little harrowing for me, the book is doing some good. I didn't think I'd dig this kind of thing, but I do!

That's really it. I have another book from the library I want to get to, but it's going to have to take a back seat for now.