January 20, 2016

My Favorite Buz Words

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is My Favorite Buzz Words. You know. Those words that you read in a book summary or review that make you want to read that book. This is supposed to be top five, but I started reading a bunch of summaries the other day and just listed the words that got me interested in books. I came up with a lot more than five. I also found a list of words that are absolute turn offs for me.


country house, family drama, witty, hilarious, teenager, kafkaesque, 1980's L.A., female friendship, 1990's, nuclear testing, mental ward

I know. Weird list, right?

Wait until you see the list of words I dislike:

war, political, nature, Nigeria, short stories.

At least it's a shorter list.

What buzz words hit your buttons?