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Goodreads TBR Blew Up

So I had the great idea to make sure all the books on my library card are on my Goodreads TBR. I added all the books I currently have checked out. Then, I added all the books on my holds list. Then I added all the books on next year's Sequoyah awards master list for high school. I went bananas.

All in all, I added over 30 books to the list. I now have 149 books on this list. You'd think that I was actually getting somewhere with my reading by the way I'm piling them on there. But alas. I've read 5 books this month, which isn't too bad except that the last book I finished was 10 days ago. In my defense, I started a new job 7 days ago. And I didn't count the book I DNFed after reading it for about a week.

Excuses aside, I still have a week to finish the books on my March TBR. We'll see how that goes.

Here's my Goodreads TBR if you are interested in creeping on it.

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