May 14, 2016

Friday Reads 5/13/16

Hooray for Friday!!!! It's the end of my 12 day work week and I am going to Par-Tay! And by party I mean read books.

Bone Gap

Bone Gap by Laura Ruby - I started this one the other day. Boy Oh Boy! It's a doozy. A young woman is missing. Her friend saw her being kidnapped, but no one believes him. Parts are told from his perspective and parts are told from hers while she is trapped in a house by her kidnapper. This would be just your regular kidnap book, but it's not. There is also a girl in town who raises bees. She's described as a lot like a bee, herself. I'm interested to see where her character goes.


The Attachments by Rainbow Rowell - Per my post the other day about focusing on important tasks first, this is next up. It takes place in an office in the 90's. Lincoln's job is to read people's emails to make sure it meets policy. He stumbles onto a conversation between two women and instead of flagging it as inappropriate, he keeps reading and falls in love with one of the women. Unlikely, but I enjoyed the other Rowell book I read, so I hope it becomes more than it sounds like in this summary.

In the spirit of keeping my eyes on the prize, I'm going to leave it at that for this weekend. Stay tuned for my next top 3 post.

What do you have going this weekend?