May 24, 2016

Attachments by Rainbow Rowell


Attachments by Rainbow Rowell was this month's book club book. I have owned it for awhile, but it had fallen into the trap of sitting on my shelf while I read library books. This was the perfect motivation to take it off the shelf. I wonder if I can get my book club to always choose books I already own. Hmm.

Anyway, as I was reading this gem, I realized that the characters in the book are just a little bit older than I was in 1999. That's when the book is set. It's the run-up to Y2K and the anxiety is a minor plot point in the book.

Lincoln works for a newspaper in a Nebraska town that has hired him to read emails that have been flagged by the fact that they contain specific words. His job is to ascertain whether or not the sender has broken company policy and send them a warning.

Most of the flagged emails are inappropriate jokes from the ad department, but he runs across some emails between two women which piques his interest because of their humor and wit and general adorableness. He begins to fall for one of the women. Cue ethical dilemma.

I enjoyed this. It was fun. And I enjoyed the references to late 90s culture.

Rainbow Rowell writes completely relatable characters. Well, maybe especially if you're in the right demographic, but I really enjoyed Fangirl and I was definitely not in the right age group for that one.

8/10 bookmarks.