June 22, 2016

Library Update 6/22/16

The other day, I decided to drastically reduce my library checkouts and focus on the books for my challenges and my resolutions. Here is what my library checkouts list looks like today.

All American Boys

All American Boys by Jason Reynolds and Brandon Kiely - This is on the Sequoyah Awards list.

Hold Tight

Hold Tight, Don't Let Go by Laura Rose Wagner - Another Sequoyah Awards book.


Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin - I have actually started this now. After 3 months. I know.

Empathy Exams

The Empathy Exams by Leslie Jamison - This is for the Book Riot Read Harder Challenge. It fulfills the book of essays challenge.


George by Alex Gino - This fulfills the Read Harder Challenge of reading a book by or about a transgender person.

My One Square Inch

My One Square Inch of Alaska by Sharon Short - This is the July book club book. I got it early because the library doesn't have many copies.

2 sisters

2 Sisters by Matt Kindt - This is a graphic novel. It survived the massive cutbacks because graphic novels take so little time to read, but they add to my books read totals.

Jane Steele

Jane Steele by Lindsay Faye - This survived the cut because I had already started it.

Burn Baby Burn

Burn Baby Burn by Meg Medina - This passed muster because it didn't have a hold list. I can renew it.

Dark Days Club

Dark Days Club - by Alison Goodman - I kind of cheated on this one. I checked it out on my teen librarian card, so I have it until the end of July.

I guess it still is a lot of books, but more of them meet goals? I don't know. I'm winging it, here.