June 30, 2016

Wolf by Wolf by Ryan Graudin

Wolf by Wolf

The Sequoyah Awards committee hit it out of the park this year. Here is another fantastic entry.

It's 1956 and Hitler won World War II. The Third Reich controls Europe and Emperor Hirohito controls Asia. Every year there is a motorcycle race from "Germania" (AKA Berlin) to Tokyo. The winner gets tons of accolades and national adoration. Last year, the winner was Adele Wolfe who rode as her brother, Felix, because girls aren't allowed to ride. This year, she plans to race again in an attempt to be the first girl to win the "double cross".

Yael is a Jewish girl who was the subject of experiments in a concentration camp that turned her black hair blond and her brown eyes blue. She also has some other shocking skills, now. She joins the resistance movement and plans to take Adele's place in the race and win so she can kill Hitler at the winner's ball at the end.

There were several places I gasped out loud. My husband was worried about me until he realized I was reading a book. He thought I was getting bad news. I was! Horrible things were happening to my people!

I really enjoyed this adventure story about a kickass girl trying to make the world right again.

10/10 bookmarks.