July 12, 2016

Ten Bookish Facts About Me!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Ten Bookish Facts About Me. I'm pretty basic, so we'll see if I can come up with anything.

  1. I sniff books. I like new book smell best. I can tell the difference between publishers based on the smell of the books. Textbooks smell like b.o.

  2. I arranged my books in rainbow order. Once. I haven't officially reorganized them, but I keep adding new books to the shelves so you can't see the rainbow anymore.

  3. I have two shelves of unread books. Both shelves are double shelved and have piles of books on top of the upright books. There is no more room for new unread books. But do I read those? No. I get books from the library.

  4. I can tell when I'm stressed out because I read more than one book at a time. Currently, I am only reading one book, but I have contemplated picking up a second recently. Probably it's time to reevaluate my life choices.

  5. I have kept a book log since I was in 7th grade. Actually, I have a whole stack of them. The first one is pretty sparsely filled. It looks like I only read one book a year for a while there. After I got married, I started keeping a log of every book I read with a short review. One book log has gone missing, so I don't have a record for about a whole year. cries

  6. I started a book journal last month. This is different from my book log because it is more current and future than past. I keep a list of books I have checked out and when they're due. I have lists of books I need to get, books I own that I need to read, and reading challenges I need to complete. I keep a daily log of how much I read each day, and I keep my Top 3 Priority lists updated there. (see below for a picture)

  7. I started a book club 12 years ago. I love my book club. It has changed a lot over 12 years, but it's still my happy place.

  8. For Christmas, my husband bought me book-related candles. I have candles based on the books Pride and Prejudice, Game of Thrones, and Wuthering Heights. I also have candles labeled Oxford Library, Sexy Librarian, and Bookstore. I burn them when I'm on a reading binge.

  9. I am looking for large pieces of book artwork to decorate my walls. I've lived in my house for 15 years, it's time to decorate.

  10. The lanyard my library badge hangs on is covered in book related badges. Some of them are library badges. Some of them are classy, like my Sequoyah Award Pin. Many of them are a little questionable. "I like big books, and I cannot lie." "Read Fast, Die Young", and "I'd Rather Be Reading". That last one isn't necessarily bad, but when I'm working customer service, it might raise eyebrows. (see picture below)

So what are some bookish facts about you?

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