August 11, 2016

New Book Please?

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is Authors You Are Waiting For a New Book From. This is a great topic. I can't wait to get started.

  1. Erin Morgenstern - She wrote The Night Circus. It's been 5 years. That's a long time to wait. Luckily, I hear she has one coming this fall.

  2. Janet Evanovich - She usually has one book a year. It's about time for that next one, Janet.

  3. Rainbow Rowell - I have enjoyed all of hers so far. They are not super deep, but they are highly relateable.

  4. Pasi Ilmari Jaaskelainen - She wrote The Rabbit Back Literature Society which was so fabulous. Waiting patiently. Or not so patiently.

  5. Donna Leon - Of course. I read all her new ones as soon as I can, while also reading her backlist.

What authors are you waiting for them to publish a new book?