August 28, 2016

What the Actual?!?!?!

The past 24 hours has been interesting in my book life. Allow me to share.

I came home from work yesterday and everyone in the house was occupied with various activities, so I picked up a book and READ THE WHOLE THING!! It took me about five hours. I stopped to get dinner and talk to various family members, but I finished it at midnight. Woah! And here I was worried about being slumpy (which you will read about in tomorrow's post).

So this morning I figured I'd keep the ball rolling by picking up another short book on my TBR. But I CAN'T FIND IT! Seriously. It was on the shelf two months ago when I created my Books I Own list in my book journal. Today, when I want to read it, I can't find it! I've been all through my TBR shelves 3 times! Did I move it? Did I loan it to someone? I don't know!!!

So that is my what the actual crap!? post. Clearly my world is in chaos.