September 6, 2016

Top Ten Tuesday is Not About Books

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is anything about TV. This is ostensibly in honor of the new fall TV line-up, which I don't care about. So my TV list will be my favorite TV shows of all time.

  1. Stacked - This show was on the air for 2 seasons in 2005. I have the DVD set which includes a season they filmed that never went to broadcast. It stars Pamela Anderson and Christopher Loyd and was about the blonde party girl who gets hired at the bookstore. My husband and I quote this show on the regular. I'm fairly certain this is the only show I worked to make sure I was home for when it aired.

  2. Sherlock - But really, tho. If you aren't familiar with this show you should stop reading this right now and go find it. Benedict Cumberbatch is awesome. Martin Freeman is really amazing. The acting in this show is top notch. The plotting is pure genius. So much love for this show.

  3. HGTV - I just put the whole channel because we don't actually get it. I only ever see it in doctor's waiting rooms. I usually like the home renovation shows and home buying shows. My home is not well decorated and my style can be best described as "4 people and 2 large dogs live here." It's nice to dream.

  4. MASH*** - Remember this show? I watched it every night while I was waiting for dinner as a kid. I'm pretty sure most of the jokes went over my head.

  5. Bear in the Big Blue House - I discovered this one after I had my son. He woke up at just the right time to catch it while he was drinking his first bottle of the day. It's a Jim Henson production, so you know it was super cute.

  6. Castle - I almost never saw this when it broadcast, but Mike and I wasted many evenings binge watching it on Hulu. The main character is a big name mystery writer who tags along with an investigator on the police force to solve murders. He also drives her bananas. It's great. Also we love Nathan Fillion. Apparently, it's still on the air. We haven't watched for years.

  7. Pride and Prejudice - Duh! It just occurred to me that this was a television show! So obviously this one is on the list!

  8. Miami Vice - I liked this show in the '80's when every one else liked it, too. The theme song was cool.

At this point I'm basically struggling to come up with anything. I'm sure I'm missing some that I liked, I just can't think of it. What are you favorites?