September 7, 2016

Characters As Family

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is "Characters I Would Want As Family". I feel like this is going to take some research. I think the first one will be easy.

  1. Jane from Pride and Prejudice as a sister. Not that my sisters aren't great. But if I had to choose a character, she would be a great one. She's nice and sweet and it would be easy to love her.

  2. Paola Brunetti from The Commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon as an Aunt - I think it would be hard to handle her intense social justice warrior-ism on a day-to-day basis, but she would be awesome to have Thanksgiving dinner with.

  3. Sparky Sweets from Thug Notes as a cousin - He would be that one crazy cousin that is super fun to hang out with, but you go home and are glad you don't live his life. He's super smart, but a little nuts, too.

  4. Vida Winter from The Thirteenth Tale as a grandma. I feel like she'd be a lot like my actual grandma who had an interesting past, but just seemed like grandma to me. She'd have a lot of stories, and you couldn't shock her.

  5. Stephanie Plum from the Stephanie Plum series as a sister - She leads a wild life, which I could live vicariously through her adventures. Also, she would make me look like a normal person.

There. There are 5 characters from books I would like to have as family. Who would you choose?