September 10, 2016

Rapid Fire Book Tag

Here is another book tag. I love these dumb things.

  1. Ebook or Dead Tree Book? Dead Tree. I have nothing against ebooks. I loved my Kindle. But I'm just programmed to go for the real book first.

  2. Paperback or hardcover? This is a tough one. I prefer to read paperbacks because it's easier on my hands. But I prefer to look at hardcovers on the shelves. But probably I'll go with paperback.

  3. Online or in store shopping? I like to go through a bookstore. I like the smell of them. I like the ambiance. Or rather, I used to. I went to a bookstore in Wichita that still had comfy chairs in it. I miss that in our stores here. I'm hoping our new Magic City Books store will have chairs. That being said, I like to purchase books online. It's cheaper and I like to have a box coming.

  4. Trilogies or series? I don't really feel like there is a real difference. I can only think of one trilogy that I've finished and liked, The Magicians. Otherwise, I guess I like series, because I've finished more series than trilogies.

  5. Heroes or villains? Heros. I'm a rule follower. Villains don't play nice and I don't like that.

  6. A book you want everyone to read. The Night Circus It's so fantastic.

  7. Recommend an underrated book. The Rabbit Back Literature Society. Only 532 ratings on Goodreads. More people need to read this book!

8.Last book you finished? The Graveyard Book for book club. It's a great book.

9.Last book you bought? Eat Dirt

10.Weirdest thing you've used as a bookmark? I have no idea. I've used receipts, gum wrappers, hair ties, and kleenex. But those don't strike me as unusual really. I've found a condom wrapper, sucker sticks, and bacon in books returned to the library.

11.Used books. Yes or no? Hell to the yes. If it's in decent condition and doesn't smell like an ashtray I'm all for it.

12.Top 3 favorite genres? Mystery, fantasy, and graphic novel.

13.Borrow or buy? Well, obviously I borrow most of my books from the library. I do like to own books, though. I go in phases. sometimes I will spend months at a time where I don't buy any books, then I will go bananas and buy a ton of books over the course of a few months.

14.Characters or plot? I think I'm a character girl. I don't really care if not much happens in the book as long as the characters are awesome or that they grow in some way.

15.Long or short books? I like that short books give you a feeling of accomplishment really quickly, but long books give you an even greater sense of accomplishment when you finish them. I guess I don't even really care, but I am a little intimidated by long books.

16.Long or short chapters? Short. Short chapters give you that sense of accomplishment that short books do. The book seems like it's going faster when you're tearing through short chapters.

17.Name the first 3 books you think of. The Girls by Emma Cline. The Nest by Cynthia D'Aprix Sweeney. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen (because did you really think we would get through a post without it?)

18.Books that make you laugh or books that make you cry? Laugh, for sure. I have to force myself to read books that I know will make me cry.

19.Our world or fictional worlds? I think I like books that look like our world with a twist. Or books that look like our world in the past with a twist.

20.Audiobooks. Yes or no? Yes! I don't get much time to listen, but I definitely appreciate them on my long drive to and from work.

21.Do you judge a book by its cover? Yes.

22.Book-to-movie or book-to-tv adaptation? You would think that book-to-tv adaptations would have the best chance to meet the expectations set forth by the book, but I have yet to really enjoy those. Let's be real. I just don't watch TV, so I'm never going to see that.

23.Movie or TV show you preferred to the book. The Jane Austen Book Club. The movie definitely made more sense.

24.Series or Standalones? I'm going to be real basic here and say: it depends. If it lends itself to serialization, then yes, do it. If not, don't push a good thing. If I read a book in a series and I love it, I will be super happy that there are more books to read. If I hate it, like that one that I threw across the room that one time, I won't read any more in the series regardless of how many there are.

Gimme what you got. Agree? Disagree? Let me hear it.