September 13, 2016

The Struggle is Real

I have spent the last however many months planning out my reading. And in July, that really worked out. I read a ton of books and I read almost everything on my TBR list. It was a smashing success. But last month, I only read 5 things and only one from my list. I feel like I might be jumping the shark.

I have recently acquired a bunch of new books. They are all on my TBR, but I didn't own them. Now I own them and I want to read THOSE books. Not those stinky old books I'm supposed to read for various reasons. Dumb old Resolutions. Whose idea was it to read certain books this year anyway? Mine? Oh.

I might possibly be having a reading slump. I want to avoid that if possible. I have an idea I'm going to run by you. I want to wipe out my whole list for this month. I want to get through my book club book, and then just read at Whim. Screw resolutions or reading challenges or whatever else is holding me down. Hopefully this will avert the dreaded reading slump.

What do you think?