September 30, 2016

October 2016 TBR

It seems ridiculous to post a TBR when I have no confidence in my ability to even scratch the surface of a TBR right now. So I'm going to cheat a little. I'm going to put down some books I've already started in the hope that I might actually accomplish something next month.

Slade House

Slade House by David Mitchell - This is the October book club book, so I feel confident I can at least get this one read.

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee - I actually read about 80 pages of this one last weekend. It's so very good and beautifully written, so I have high hopes of finishing it.

Glory O'Brian

Glory O'Brian's History of the Future by A.S. King - This author is coming at the end of October, so I hope to finish at least one of her books by then. I'm enjoying this one so far. It's bizarre, but interesting.

So there's my entirely unambitious TBR for October. I hope it works for me. What are you planning to read in October?