October 6, 2016

3/4 Year Update 2016

Time to recap the first 3/4 of the year! This might make me feel better about my progress or lack thereof.

I have read 65 books as of September 30.

19 books were written by men. 45 books were written by women. 1 book was written by a man and a woman together.

8 books were written by people of color.

I read 13 non-fiction books, 1 book of poetry, 19 YA books, 2 mysteries, 2 sci-fi/fantasy books, 20 fiction books, 1 classic, 3 books of short stories, 9 graphic novels, and 2 children's books.

Reading goals update:

  1. Read 50 books - I have now surpassed that goal. Yay!

  2. Book Riot Read Harder Challenge - The challenge has 24 sub-challenges. I have done 20.

  3. Read the Hard Books - I don't feel like I've done any more toward that goal in the last quarter. I thought about it, but I just couldn't.

  4. Read My Own Damn Books - I'm doing pretty well with this. Except that I keep buying new books. But I'm reading those?

  5. Read 5 books over 500 pages - I think I'm still at 2 books in this category.

  6. Modern Mrs. Darcy Challenge - This challenge has 12 goals. I've finished 10 of them.

  7. Read the 10 books listed - I might have officially given up on this challenge. I just don't really want to read those books right now. And a few of them I have started and then quit. So yeah.

  8. Write Reviews - I haven't written many reviews in the last quarter. I do have one in the works, though.

  9. Keep track of DNFs - I am still doing this. And with my recent reading slump, that list is growing rapidly.

I think next year I will set far fewer goals and make them more realistic. I should know that I hate having a set list of books I have to read. I will eventually rebel. I do still feel like some things have vastly improved this year, like the writing of reviews. And two challenges almost finished? Hell yeah.