October 14, 2016

Update on New Plan 10/13/16

As you (maybe) know, I started a new reading plan this week. I decided to set a certain page goal for each day in each of the books I'm reading. Here's how that's going for me.

To recap: I decided to read 20 pages a day in Slade House which is my book club book. Today is Thursday and I have read 100 pages in it so far! I have to be careful not to read it before bed because it is supremely creepy. The book I do read before bed is The Queen of the Night. I had planned to read 100 pages of this one over the course of the week. Well, as it happened, I was already further ahead in the book than I thought when I started the list, so yay! Also, once I get started reading, I don't want to quit when I get to the goal I set for the day. The result of all that is that I had already surpassed my goal for the week by Tuesday. Woot!!

All in all, I'd say my plan has worked at least for this week. I will definitely continue it next week. You know how I love to plan!