She's got the books that kill.

Friday Reads 11/4/16

Well, it's Friday. I have massively failed on my reading this week. The books I have on the go are not particularly easy to get through my allotted pages per day. One of them has a lot of words on the page, so it takes a long time to get through them. This week I will cut back on my required reading. I already have assignments for school I need to work on, so I need to focus on that.

Anyway, here's this week's list:

English Boys

The English Boys by Julia Thomas - She's my friend. I really should be more vigilant about reading this.


Ghostland by Colin Dickey - This is the one with almost no white space on the page. It's very interesting, but so. many. words.

Necessary Lies

Necessary Lies by Diane Chamberlain - This is the book club book in two weeks. Better get this one done! Look at the pretty cover!

So that's it. What're you reading this week?

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