November 12, 2016


If you haven't already worked it out, I was not a fan of this week's post prompts (again) so you're just getting random updates this week.

I spoke to my advisor on Tuesday evening. She is a lovely person, and I very much enjoyed our chat. I am all set to take a class on Tuesday about the classroom and how everything works. Their might even be other students in the class!

I was supposed to enroll yesterday, but I couldn't get in the class. I emailed Jodie and she said she'd get back to me on that as soon as they worked out what the problem is. But she did email me this semester's syllabus for the class I'm taking in January so I can get a handle on what's going on in there, and maybe get a hold of some textbooks before the class starts.

In other news, I was sure I was coming down with the mother of all colds last night, so I didn't work on my Orientation Class work. I took some cold medicine and passed out. Today I feel like a human again, so I got some of it done this morning. I don't have any classwork on my to-do list today because I work until 9:00, so maybe I can catch up.

Because of my birthday weekend that was so incredibly busy, I have been a little behind all week. I haven't made any dinners this week because of various schedule surprises and illness. Mike has picked up a lot of laundry duty. I took Alyssa to the eye doctor yesterday. The heat and air people came this morning to check on our system for winter. And I went to have blood drawn for a med check. I had made an appointment, but the wonderful nurse called me and said I just saw the doctor so I just needed to go get the blood drawn. Thus, I actually made it to work on time. I feel like I have done a day's worth of work in one morning, but Hey.