November 12, 2016

What A Difference!!

So I was reorganizing my office this morning. Anything to avoid homework. But I went through all my kids' pictures to get ready to put them in scrapbooks. I had to stop when I realized the photo glue I bought doesn't actually stick. So I started working a different way. I got the bright idea to move my desk.

Previously it was facing the wall. There was a trash can on one side and a file box on the other. I have no rotated my desk 90 degrees. It faces the door to the room and there is a window behind me. There is room on the wall next to me to hang my new bulletin/white board. I can see people coming in the room and I can have natural light coming over my shoulder. I can also easily access the drawers and cabinets behind me. The trash can is still beside the desk, but the file box is now behind the desk where I can't see it. It also hides the mess of cables coming from the back of my desk. I added a shredder behind the desk and it is all very organized and aesthetically pleasing.

Now, I just need to get Mike to clean up his half of the room so I can avoid being distracted by all the mess. Good luck with that!