December 14, 2016

Life Update 12/14/16

'Kay so, I just opened my blog posting software and realized I never posted the Friday Reads post I wrote last week. Sorry about that. Let's just say I planned to read some books. End of story.

This is just an indicator of how my life is going right now. My son got his license yesterday. Hooray! That means this last weekend was insane. We had to do a boatload of last minute driving practice.

Also, the tank on our master bathroom toilet cracked and leaked water all over the floor. Well, mostly on the laundry I had sorted on the floor. Doing research on replacement toilets, we found out that our bathroom is not built to code. The distance on normal bathrooms between the wall and the bolts that hold down the toilet is 10 inches. The distance between our wall and the bolts that hold down our toilet is 15 inches. We have lived in this house for 16 years with the wrong size toilet in the bathroom. Apparently, the toilet was supposed to have died a very long time ago, as this is not an ideal situation. And of course, you can buy the 10" toilets at Lowe's for $100. The bigger ones are a special order and cost 4 times as much. Of course.

Also, since we can't let our dogs out to play in the backyard because of the fence situation, one of them is beginning to lose her mind. She is growly and snappy and just downright crazy. I feel like she should be taking walks. I will get that done in my spare time. Ha!

I am trying to get as much of my classwork done as I can before school starts just to give myself a bit of a head start. I haven't been in school for 20 years, so I'm trying to get back in the habit. However, with all the drama that has been occurring in my house over the last few weeks, I haven't had a lot of time to sit down and work on it. I feel like this does not bode well for my life after school actually starts when it is much more imperative that I get that time. So much of my study time is spent yelling at the dog that is going stir crazy because she has to be in her crate while we are gone, so when we are home we want her to be free, but she's tearing stuff up all over the place. No amount of chew toys and treats gives her focus. Therefore, I do not have focus.

At work, I have just been handed the checklist for organizing the African-American Heritage Bowl in February. They asked me if I wanted to study the questions and participate in the bowl. Absolutely not. Not 6 weeks into my first class of my Master's Degree.

And for a humorous ending, we just got a fax that was intended for the security team at the new Central library. It was full of cuss words and suggestions for sexual behavior. It was terribly spelled and almost illegible. We all died laughing. Then I called the security office and asked if they would like me to send it to them to review. The security guy on the phone was giggling as he said, "Yes please." I wrote a lovely note to them about the "love note" we got on the fax machine and how I didn't want them to miss this "Sweet message." That was worth about 30 minutes of giggles around here.

I should write a book.