December 21, 2016

New Problem I Have Found

Okay, this is not really book related. Well, kind of. Maybe. So some of you know that I started using a paper planner in August of 2015. That thing has become my brain. If it's not in the planner, it doesn't happen.

The planner I bought was a 7 month planner, so it ends on Dec. 31, 2016. I have purchased my 2017 planner which is a good thing because I usually plan at least a few things months in advance. Like, I have my book club meetings planned through May. I just put a little sticky note in my planner on the day it's meant to happen, then when I plan that week, I write it in ink.

Here's the problem. I keep getting emails with things that are happening next year, and I don't have that planner with me. My email is jammed up with bills due and soccer game dates, school events and parties. If my brain was even partially operational, I would remember to put those things in my planner when I was at home. But as it is, that's just not happening.

I guess the answer is to carry two planners with me everywhere. It's not like people don't already think I'm a nutcase. Why not?