February 1, 2017

Current Faves (Not Books)

Today's Top Five Wednesday topic is Current Favorite Things that Aren't Books. This will be a stretch, but here we go.

Youtube - Specifically Booktube and Plannertube. When I'm too braindead to actually read a book, I like to watch other people talk about books. I also like to watch other people play in their planners. I find this very relaxing.

inkjoy gel pens
Ballpoint Pens - Inkjoy Gel Pens - These things write like butter. It makes it so much easier to take tons of notes without getting a hand cramp.

Felt Tip Pens - Staedtler Fine Liner - I got a set of 12 for my birthday in 2015 and a set of 36 for Christmas this year. They're so gorgeous!

Restaurant - Cumin Flavors of India - Of course. Indian is my favorite type of food and these people do it so right.

wagging tails
Sound - My dog's tails wagging - This does actually make a sound. It's one of my faves.

What are some of your current faves?