February 15, 2017

School Update 2/14/17

Well, we are a third of the way through the quarter. Maybe half. I can't really tell anymore. I am keeping my head above water, but I'm struggling. I was sick last week and today was a headache day. I'm sure my coworkers would like me to pull it together already.

I turned in a big project today. Well, it's 10% of the total grade, but it was a lot of work. I don't completely feel like I understood the whole thing, but my boss (who loves the thing I was assigned to do) said I did well, so we'll hope the professor agrees. Ack! I finally got to a point where I was no longer aiming for my best work, but settling for my good enough work.

I do still have an A in the class, so for now, it's going okay. My professor is pretty great, so that's a bonus.