March 13, 2017


It's Monday. Wanna know how I know it's Monday? I'll tell ya.

I had an appointment to take my son's car in at 7:30. I left with plenty of time to get there. Then I noticed the car was out of gas. I would be mad at him, but I didn't tell him I was taking his car until this morning when I went to get his keys.

Got gas in the car and I'm on my way. Get off the highway less than a mile from the dealership, and there's a train. A really long train. The tracks on the south side of an intersection and I'm on the North side of the intersection heading south. So I'm sitting at a green light because there is nowhere to go.

Finally, the train ends and my light turns red. Awesome. I sit through that cycle. Then the green arrow across from me went. Okay, almost my turn. Nope. It skipped us and went to the cross lights. Sigh. Finally, my turn and an ambulance came. I sat 1/4 mile from the dealership at that light for 7 minutes. Aargh! I hate being late.

When I finally made it to work with my loaner Lexus (!) I had dropped chocolate on my coat. I then proceded to drop everything I picked up for the next hour.

It's now 9:00 a.m. and I am hoping against hope that this goes away. Monday, be gone!