April 6, 2017

School Update 4/6/17

I got my new syllabuses (syllabi?) last Friday and I have been diligently reading my assigned readings and doing the online assignments. Last night, I started working on the assignments for the second class, and ran into a snag. The instructor wants video responses to the questions.

I just got used to the idea of seeing myself on camera every week during the class sessions. I wasn't prepared to submit a recording of myself. I struggled with that for about 30 minutes. Then I decided to just suck it up and do it.

And the camera wouldn't work. After about half an hour of fiddling with it, I got a "start recording" button on my computer. But it only recorded audio. The video was black. I had a dinner date with a friend, so I went and did that, and when I came back 3 hours later, the stupid camera was working. But only in Firefox. Chrome was still blank. I can't even with this thing.

Of course, by that time it was 10:30 at night and I looked like I'd been rode hard and put up wet, so I didn't feel like figuring out what I wanted to say and filming. Here's hoping the thing still works tomorrow when I have another chance to fight with it.

In other news, the classes are interesting, the instructors are engaging (one of them is a bit over the top), and they don't look too hard right now. Also, there are no mid-terms so I don't have to figure out what my text tattoo is going to be just yet. Lol!

That's about it for this update. I'll update again when I have been through some classes and have an opinion on that sector.