April 18, 2017

I Want To Read This Book!!

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is things that make me instantly want to read a book. I am interpreting this as things I hear about a book or read about it or is on the flap that make me want to read a book.

  1. It is set in Detroit. I am immensely interested in books about the fall of Detroit in particular, but I also like fiction set in Detroit.

  2. Related: Books about gangs. My sociology minor rears it's ugly head. I just love this stuff.

  3. Jane Austen. I love new biographies of her. I don't love rewrites of her work usually. I've read a few good ones, but mostly it's crap. But I do love slightly academic non-fiction works about her personally. Also, the Stephanie Barron series, the Jane Austen mysteries, are fabulous!

  4. Badass Heroines. I love a woman who won't let a man rescue her. These are very important in young adult literature.

  5. Historical Fiction with a twist. Either the way it's told, or there is magic involved. A la A Gentleman in Moscow, The Queen of the Night, or And I Darken.

  6. It's written by Donna Leon.

  7. It's written by Christopher Moore.

  8. Vampires. But done elegantly.

  9. It's about books and reading. I think I have read everything available on this topic. I need more!!!!

  10. Magic. Like The Magicians, or The Golem and the Jinni.

So what are your must-buy words?