April 26, 2017

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Today's Top Ten Tuesday topic is Things That Will Instantly Make Me NOT Want to Read a Book. This shouldn't be too hard.

  1. Horror - Nope.

  2. Suspenseful - No thanks. My life is plenty suspenseful without added stress.

  3. War-time - Now granted some really great books take place during wars, but I really don't care for drawn out descriptions of gory battles. No thank you.

  4. The Word "Girl" In the Title - Usually, the eponymous girl is actually a woman and that just pisses me off.

  5. Might-As-Well-Be-Naked People on the Cover - Bleh. Usually these books are trope-y and predictable. And don't even say to me I should judge books by their covers. I am a cover slut and I'm proud of it.

  6. Urban Fiction - I tried that once. It was so bad. It was like a soap opera, in book form, with lots of sex and gangsters. Cannot relate.

  7. Motivational - I hate this crap. It's usually not very motivational for me.

  8. Business - Same with business books. I'm not in business. I don't sell anything. That's why I work in a library.

  9. Relationship Self-Help - More of the same. If you have relationship problems, you need a counselor. No book is going to hold you accountable to change.

  10. Diet - All these books contradict each other so much. I have no idea what is even true anymore.

Well, now I'm all pissed off about irritating books. And hey! Class starts in 10 minutes! Good timing Adrienne. What is an automatic no-read for you?