May 10, 2017

School Update 5/10/17

Right now, I'm about a month into my new quarter. In my world that means I'm over a third through the classes. Based on my experience in that first quarter, I wasn't sure how I was going to survive two classes in one quarter. As it turns out, these two classes together are about as intensive as that one class was. There just isn't a lot of work. There are assignments, but they aren't hard. Usually they aren't even very labor intensive. In one class, there are really only 3 graded assignments. There are assignments due every couple of weeks, but they aren't graded at that time. You do them as you go along, and then at the end of the quarter you put them all together in one big assignment that you turn in. Nice!

So as of this writing, I have 100% in both classes. Granted, most of those grades are for participation in class, so it's not too hard to get that 100%. But I did turn in one assignment for a grade and the feedback I got was so wonderful I teared up a little. She clearly appreciates a thoughtful assignment and reciprocates in kind.

So that's where we are for now. I have registered for my next quarter of classes, but I have no idea what they are. Oh wait. I just looked them up. They are Information Resources: Organization and Access and Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessment. I gotta admit, that last one sounds heinous. The good news is the professor is the same one I have now for Reference Services so at least I'm familiar with her. Crossing fingers!

But I can't worry about those classes before these are over! Focus!!