June 29, 2017

School Update 6/29/17

I got my last grades for my classes today. I'm pleased to announce that I have maintained a 4.0. Yes, more A's for me. Yayayayayayayayayayayay!

Getting ready for the next quarter, I have downloaded the free Kindle versions of 3 books. I ordered one textbook from Amazon, which came in yesterday. And I have ordered one more from the Syracuse bookstore which is scheduled to come in on Monday. I don't need that one immediately, so it's all good.

Tomorrow, my family and I will head out to visit Golden, Colorado for a few days. We will be visiting Colorado School of Mines, as well as seeing some sights around there. We are all excited for a break. And possibly better weather. It's gross hot today.

I will be taking my textbooks along with me, so I can get a little pre-reading done before the term actually starts. My advisor advised me to get a jump start on it.

So there you go! Now' I've got a week before the next term starts and I get back in the rat race.