July 22, 2017

24 in 48 Readathon Update #1


It's 3:30 on Saturday and I've read for 3 hours now. Not all together, but in total, 3 hours.

I fell asleep before midnight last night, so I couldn't even start until I woke up this morning. I started at 10:00. I read for two hours, with laundry breaks, and then went for lunch. I came back and read another hour.

I just finished The Love Interest by Cale Dietrich. So, Okay. Aside from a couple of plot holes and a little clunky writing, it was really good.

This is the one that's a YA novel about 2 guys who are bred to be Love Interests. They are sent out to woo a high school girl who is showing signs of being a major player in the science community in her future. The trick is, the one she doesn't choose will die. The problem is, they fall for each other.

Dietrich did an amazing job maintaining the conflict intensity throughout the story. And there are some fantastic, super-hero-type scenes near the end. I was hooked and just kept on reading.

Now on to the next book!!

24in48Readathon #TheLoveInterest