August 16, 2017

School Update 8/16/17

The only thing keeping me going right now is the knowledge that no one will die if I mess this up. Otherwise, it's a big clusterfox.

I'm irritated with one professor because she asks us to answer questions about concepts she hasn't explained yet. After we submit our answers, she explains it. Why? Why would you quiz us on something we have never heard of before? So dumb.

The other class is just intense. So much to do! So little time! I feel like I'm just totally winging it. This is not a comfortable feeling.

Add to this my library is closing in 3 weeks for remodeling and I have a lot of packing, I have to get my mom a passport, school starts tomorrow for both kids and one of them still needs shirts, my husband just started a new job, and it keeps storming which means my pit bull is a wreck.

My professor posted a comment today that the drafts we are turning in do not have to be even close to finished and my replay was "Praise to the sweet baby Jesus!" My Okie is showing, but my classmates thought it was entertaining.

If you don't laugh you cry.