October 30, 2017

School Update 10/30/17

I haven't given you the skinny on what's happening at school. That's because this quarter is really hard! I wasn't sure what my grades were going to be like, so I didn't want to write a post that said it's all great, and then have to say, "Oh, but I'm dropping out." But now I've finally got my first grade back in my policy class, so I can at least write something concrete.

Database Management - I have close to no idea what I'm doing in this class. I took this class to try out data science to see if that was a direction I wanted to go for a certificate. Now that I'm 4 weeks into that class, I can confidently say that No, I am not interested in continuing in a data science route. This is too hard on my confidence. I don't like feeling dumb. I mean, I have an A, but still.

Information Policy - This class uses words I have always been afraid of like externalities and analysis. Yuck. But, I turned in a policy analysis a couple of weeks ago and got my grade on it on Saturday. 98%. And the feedback said things like, "The examples in this work could be used in future classes as examples of what we are looking for." Wow!!! I mean. Not bad for someone who had to read the bill 3 times to even understand what it was calling for. It also said, "Very impressive." Squee!!! Did I mention that I also killed him in a debate? So that class is going okay, but every time I start an assignment for that class, my first response is "WHAT?! I don't understand what I'm supposed to do."

So basically, what I'm saying is, is that I'm still doing well, I just feel very confused and behind all the time.

Only 3 quarters left. Only 3 quarters left. Only 3 quarters left.