January 9, 2018


Today's [Top Ten Tuesday] topic is Books I Meant To Read in 2017, But Didn't. This is going to take some research. Hang on for a minute while I check this out.

Ok, I went back through all my TBR lists from last year. I found a few books I didn't read that I meant to. I didn't count the books that I started and decided it wasn't for me and stopped reading it. Also, I didn't count the books that I didn't finish in December that are on my January TBR.

Here we go!


NeuroTribes by Steve Silberman - I put this down and just never picked it back up. Who knows why. But it's still on my list to read.

Still Life

Still Life by Louise Penny - This has been hanging around for a couple of years. I don't know why I'm putting it off. It's not like there isn't a whole series to follow it, if I love it.

18 And Life on Skid Row

18 And Life on Skid Row by Sebastian Bach - There are fewer and fewer memoirs by my fave rock stars. I've read many of them, and there just aren't that many coming out. But I really need to read this.

And that's it!

I was actually impressed by how many TBR books I actually managed to finish last year. Go me!