February 12, 2018

School and Life Update

I got my first grade back for this quarter. I got 100% on the paper. It was only worth 10 points, but considering that the point total for the entire semester is 100 points, that's a pretty big chunk.

It was particularly satisfying for me this quarter because being sick put me behind. It was the worst possible time to get sick. I had a major program I was planning at work. And I had 2 school assignments due the day I was finally able to go back to work. Ugh!

As of right now, I am caught up. The program at work went just fine, although it felt chaotic at the time. I caught up on last week's lessons and I am hoping to finish this week's work tonight. That will be difficult because it is a LOT of lesson to do in one night, but I'm going to try. Participation is 30% of the total grade and a third of that is getting the lessons done each week. The other 2/3 is showing up to class and participating when you're there. I missed 2/3 point the week I was sick for not coming to class and 1/3 point the next week for not getting the classwork done on time.

Anyway, I've got my head just above water for the time being. I'm looking forward to a three-day weekend next week to give me a little boost.