March 21, 2018


School gets out for the quarter in 1 week!! I'm not even freaking out about the fact that I have 2 projects due next week. They don't sound all that scary, so I'm just chilling out.

I also have a sinus infection right now, so I don't really feel like thinking very hard.

I recently found out that I get a spring break this year! Last year, the first quarter ended on a Wednesday and the next quarter started on the following Friday. A one day Spring Break. This year, the quarter ends on March 28 and the next quarter doesn't start until April 6! That's like 8 whole days of Spring Break! Whatever shall I do with myself?

Today I'm just lying in bed living on Mucinex and Cefdinir antibiotic. I have class tonight, but it's a workshop class where spend the whole time working on our projects that are due next Wednesday. I love workshop days! So productive!

Anyway, that's the update for today. Gotta go blow my nose again. Bye!